History & Policy Global Economics and History Forum: Brexit and food prices- the legacy of the Hungry Forties



The History and Policy Global Economics and Forum recently held our first event ‘Brexit and food prices: the legacy of the Hungry Forties’. Organised by Dr. Marc Palen the event received support from the AHRC and Economic History Society and included presentations by Anthony Howe (UEA), Sarah Richardson (Warwick), Lindsay Acqui (QMUL), and Geoff Tansey (Curator, Food Systems Academy). Across the sessions contributors considered how food prices and security has historically been a key issue in British politics historically, and we considered why it played little role in the recent EU referendum. Contributors also considered how historical thinking might inform contemporary policy challenges for post-Brexit Britain. You can read a Storify account of the event here.

History & Policy recorded a series of podcasts of the event: which are available here:

Tony Howe

Sarah Richardson

Lindsay Acqui

Geoff Tansey